Reflections and Recollections

by Artist Owen Harper

The Art Gallery Biloela Hospital
1 October to 30 November 2023
Medium: Oil on paper

The Art Gallery Biloela Hospital. Photo by Katrina Elliott

Exhibition Statement
“Reflections and Recollections” is an intimate portrayal of my journey growing up on the land, where hardship and beauty coexist. Each piece in this exhibition is a visual memoir, inviting you to explore the profound connection I share with this place and encouraging you to contemplate your own personal journey. The landscapes I paint are emotional landscapes, reflecting not just the physical but also the spiritual dimensions of the land, inviting you to find your own stories within their strokes.

As you travel through this exhibition, I hope you pause to let the art speak to you. What do you see in these works?

What memories do they awaken?

Exhibition Reflections and Recollections by Artist Owen Harper. Photo by Katrina Elliott
Interview with Artist Owen Harper

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