Art Gallery

Welcome to our art gallery projects within the Gladstone & Biloela hospitals, where healing meets creativity. Our curated collection of artwork provides a soothing and uplifting environment for patients, visitors, and healthcare professionals. Through vibrant and inspiring pieces, we aim to reduce stress, promote well-being, and create a positive atmosphere. Explore diverse exhibits showcasing local artists, community projects, cultural diversity, and messages of resilience. Engage your senses, stimulate your mind, and find solace in the power of art. Join us in this unique space that fosters healing, inspiration, and a sense of community.

Image: Opening of the Art Gladstone Gladstone Hospital 2018, Artist Jean Kane, MP Glenn Butcher and Gallery manager Katrina Elliott

Art Gallery Exhibitions

Gladstone Hospital

Leanne ColeAug -Sept 2023
Bina Van HaeftenOct – Nov 2023
Jenny FournierDec – Jan 2024
Paulette FlintFeb – Mar 2024
Geoffrey HeadApr – May 2024
Roslyn HeadJune – July 2024

Biloela Hospital

Amy HolcombeAug -Sept 2023
Owen HarperOct – Nov 2023
Fiona HaywardDec – Jan 2024
Herbie GoodrickFeb – Mar 2024
Community ExhibitionApr – May 2024
Tracey HewittJune – July 2024

Latest Exhibitions