The Cosmos Arts For Health Inc is a creative Non for Profit organisation who deliver quality arts projects and programs in healthcare organisations,
businesses and communities.
Our Non For Profit association was founded in 2022 and is governed by a committee of diverse professionals. The Association works with volunteers and Arts Professionals who assist along side Healthcare professionals in a supportive role.

How we help

The Cosmos Arts For Health Inc offer a range of creative services and programs
that are often tailored to the needs of the Hospital, Business or Community

Art Gallery Programs
Public Art Commissions
Healing / Memorial spaces

Tailored Projects
Social inclusion
Mind care
Assist with Disaster Recovery
Health Education/Awareness

Our Journey

Our Founder and Arts Project Manager, Katrina
Elliott started working in a hospital environment
in 2016. She delivered the heart warming project
called One Wish at the Gladstone Hospital.
A Professional Photographer and Artists she
describes this project as a career changing event
where she found her passion for Art in Health.

Returning to Gladstone Hospital in 2018, Katrina delivered a much larger project
stemming over 12 months with the assistance of the Australian Government
Regional Arts Fund (RAF), Aestec Services and CQHHS. This project formed
partnerships with hospital and gained evidential based outcomes that the
projects were improving patience, carers and staff’s experiences in the hospital.
The two Key outcome were –

  1. Ease anxiety, stress and depression for patients, carers, family and staff, this was achieved by:-
    Placemaking – transforming cold, clinical environments into welcoming public spaces that encourage, enrich and empower everyone who uses them. Through strategically placed murals & sculptures.
    Collaborative projects – distraction of immediate worries, improved social inclusion & improved communication between patients and staff.
  2. Improved Connection with Hospital and the Community, this was achieved by
    Community Pride – by involving community partners and community groups these projects fostered a sense of ownership and community pride.
    Communication – The website & social media created a new platform for
    communication. Bringing positive news stories from inside the hospital to the community.

March 2020 a team started working on a Non for Profit to help deliver more sustainable projects within hospitals and the community for the benefits of arts and health. On 9 June 2022 we were incorporated Cosmos Arts for Health Inc.

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