Raga with Trees

by Artist Bina Van Haeften

The Art Gallery Gladstone Hospital
1 October to 30 November 2023

Artist Bina Van Haeften in The Art Gallery Gladstone Hospital. Photo by Katrina Elliott

Exhibition Statement
This series of 12 botanical prints on unbleached calico is dedicated to the sacred dance of the living world around us, reflecting the intimate knowledge of the landscape and the natural world we live in.
I wild harvest all plant matter for my prints from my surrounding landscape. For me, botanical printing is a wonderful technique to re-establish my connection with my immediate natural environment. The transformation of the fabric through the printing process is a direct reflection of the place where it occurs,
deepening the understanding and relationship with the local bioregion.
Each print is deeply connected to the landscape it is created from, reminding us that we are part of it.
Raga literally means colour or hue in Sanskrit.
Ragas are healing songs full of grace and majesty, the art of music to the earth and the sacred dance of the living world around us.

Exhibition Raga with Trees by Artist Bina Van Haeften. Photo by Katrina Elliott

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