Maree (Sharon)

My breast cancer journey is the story of my younger sister Sharon who was diagnosed in February 2015 at 41.

I still remember that day and that phone call from Sharon. I felt so helpless as she cried over the phone, all alone in Brisbane with no support.  I was in shock as there was no history of breast cancer in our family.  Over the next two years, Sharon endured many surgeries, chemo and radiation.  She was clear!  Well at least we all thought.  In October 2018, the cancer had returned.  It had metastasised and was in her bones and liver.  The diagnosis wasn’t in Sharon’s favour and chemo now a permanent part of her life.  There were small wins with treatment but in the end it stopped working and Sharon lost her battle in November 2020 at 46.  She left behind her two beautiful young daughters.

Sharon battled her demons every day, but she stayed strong for all to see.  She tried to do as much as she could with the limited time she had. She thought she had more time.

My story is one of guilt!  The guilt I have had from the beginning, that I could not help Sharon! I could not take her scars and pain away! I could not save her from this wretched disease!

Please ladies, get yourself checked regularly.

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