Leanne Cole – Natives in Bloom

Leanne Cole – Natives in Bloom , Watercolour 520 x 340 mm

Exhibition – Reflections

Artists: Leanne Cole
Medium: Watercolour
Exhibited: June – July 2019

There’s no other kind of panting, where the colour moves on it’s own! The medium of watercolour requires a partnership and a sense of acceptance. Its not like oils or acrylic where you simply mix the colour and you place it where you want it to go. With watercolours your colour is floating in water and to a degree there is some magic of uncertainty. It will drip down with gravity, be absorbed in to wet areas, puddle against dry edges and creep into fibres of the paper.

I enjoy the beauty and peacefulness of flowers, the magical quality of light in a landscape and people deeply connected to their environment and surrounds.  My exhibition is quiet, calm but colourful.

Leanne Cole

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