COSMOS Candy Stripe

COSMOS Candy stripe
(Cosmos bipinnatus)  

  • Annual 80-100cm
  • White flowers with dark pink edges
  • Direct sow or
  • Easy to grow

Annual growing to 100cm. Attractive ferny bright green foliage with white flowers and darker pink petal margins, often with a pink hue. Great for beds, mass planting, meadows and cut flowers. Attracts butterflies to the garden. Easy to grow. Will self-seed freely. Tolerates poor soil and dry sunny positions.

Sowing Instructions 

Sow in Spring to Early Summer in Temperate, Mid Spring-Early Summer in Cool, and Winter-Spring in Tropical climate zone. Sow 5-6mm deep. Germination in 1-2 weeks. Space 40cm, Height 80-100cm, Flower 40-50 days.

Tips! Deadhead to prolong flowering

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