October 2019, I was pressured into getting my first mammogram at the age of 49 by a friend. I knew it was free from the age of 40 Years but thought because there was no family history, and I couldn’t feel anything different I thought that I was all okay.
WRONG! First mammogram and I was diagnosed with breast cancer. Within seven days I was in Brisbane six hours from home.  I had Lumpectomy, surgery, healed and then six weeks of radiation. If I hadn’t have gone for that first mammogram, I’d be in a whole world of pain right now. It was caught early enough to not have to have chemo which my family and I are extremely grateful for.

Please I can’t stress enough…..GO AND GET YOUR GIRLS CHECKED. Takes 20 minutes and it’s free from 40yrs at Breastscreen Queensland. Call 132050 today! It could save your life it definitely saved mine 💪.

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