Bottle Tree

Jessie Handley 
The Biloela Hospital Bottle Tree 
Acrylic on canvas 
This painting was donated by Frances Jameson and her daughter Megan Campbell

The bottle was planted by Arnie Timm and Albert (Bert) Poole in 1931. They were both gardeners at the Biloela Hospital at the time. The tree was planted just after the Biloela Hospital opened. The tree was 88 years old when it had to be removed due to structural issues. It had developed a large crack in the top and several limbs had to be removed. When the tree was cut down it was found to be rotten the middle the entire length of the tree.   A new bottle tree has been planted directly opposite from the old one in 2011. This tree is a direct descendant, seeds were collected from the old tree and nurtured in the hospital green house. The new tree was planted by the Boal Family who are Arnie Timm’s descendants.

Photo by Katrina Elliott, Biloela Hospital

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